Roofing Sheets
Roofing Sheets


  • Multiple layers of protection ensures very high service Life(almost four times than normal GI sheets in similar conditions)
  • Colourful top coating ensures very high aesthetic appeal
  • Optional Guard Film ensures protection during handling/ forming.
  • Service back coat in greys for better light dispersion and for soothing effect on eyes.
  • Best balance between coverage and strength(1000mm covered width, highest Ixx in the category)
  • High ribbed profile for better support on longer spans
  • High trapezoidal crest for adequate drainage and aesthetic appeal
  • Hexagonal trapezoid for best load distribution
  • Anti capillary groove to ensure zero leakage as a result of capillary action
  • Scientific design for usage in high wind load areas also
  • Suitable for Roofing/ Cladding/ Barricading and other applications